Training the Trainer

Never underestimate the power of a parent to heal their child. This is at the core of Child Parent Psychotherapy, a leading trauma intervention model for infants and children. Yet with years of proven success, a bottleneck kept Sarasota clinicians from having the best skills available to empower parents to become a child’s first line of defense in protecting their mental health.

Barancik Foundation sought to make a transformative investment by turning Sarasota into the hub for trauma-informed training and care.

Specialized training is costly, time-consuming, and only offered outside our region—taking local therapists out of practice and creating a burden for employers. A $303,843 grant to the FSU Center for Prevention and Early Intervention has brought top CPP instructors directly to the 12th Judicial Circuit to train dozens of local infant mental health clinicians in the most effect practices.

While an instant win for our community, the impact of the training will create a long-lasting ripple effect. Dr. Kristie Skoglund of The Florida Center was selected to become our region’s designated CPP trainer—creating a continuum of certification for early childhood therapists right here in Sarasota.