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Hurricane Ian response from the foundation now stands at about $1.5 million

The essence: Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation recently approved grants for Hurricane Ian relief, including employee assistance, help with damage recovery and support for food, fuel, and staffing for non-profits.

Rebuilding a Non-profit Community

  • Our investment: A $95,000 grant to The Haven to support the reconstruction of roofs on several buildings so the organization can continue to provide services to its residents.
  • Why it matters: The Haven serves more than 500 clients with disabilities each year, providing specialized therapies, education, life skills, vocational training, and employment assistance. During Hurricane Ian, 13 staff and 49 residents stayed together in one building for safety, demonstrating the “family” approach The Haven takes with its residents.

Helping Provide for Residents Who Needed Food

  • Our investment: A $400,000 grant to All Faiths Food Bank to meet spiking demand in food services and the resulting increase in fuel, staff compensation, and need for warehouse space and additional vehicles.
  • Context: With the destruction of many homes and businesses in south Sarasota County, residents needed immediate help with food essentials, requiring an infusion of funds to support the food bank after Hurricane Ian.

Covering Costs created by Ian at an Essential Non-profit

  • Our investment: A $160,000 grant to CenterPlace Health to recoup costs as the organization paid out salaries rather than forcing staff to take time off while clinics were closed. CenterPlace lost several days of revenue to Hurricane Ian.
  • Context: Hurricane Ian forced many people to stay home and prepare for the storm, missing work. CenterPlace shut down all six of their sites for four days, giving its staff time to prepare and care for their families.

The foundation previously provided $844,000 in Hurricane Ian relief to the Sarasota County and DeSoto County school districts and various non-profits throughout the region.

About Barancik Foundation

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