Covid-19 Response

Our community relies on our nonprofit partners more than ever before. In responding to the COVID-19 reality and the inevitable aftereffects, Barancik Foundation is taking an immediate and multi-angled approach.

Strengthening Our Social Safety Net

Together with Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Barancik Foundation launched the Covid-19 Response Initiative to relieve strain on key health and human-service organizations that are aiding residents hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. Services supported include emergency childcare for first responders, rental assistance for families recovering from homelessness, and virtual healthcare for high-risk patients. Learn more here.

Providing Time and Flexibility for Existing Partners

Our existing partners are critical to our work in education, early childhood development, and mental health. We know this crisis will have short and long-term effects. We are providing flexibility by repurposing and extending timelines for existing grants, as well as providing funding to key partners to fortify their organization’s infrastructure. We know we won’t be able to float every organization, but we can buy them time to make smarter choices rather than snap decisions.

Convening Partners and Coordinating Response Efforts

In collaboration with our partners, we are identifying gaps and critical needs for those responding on the front lines. Barancik Foundation is coordinating efforts to provide childcare, food assistance, and mental health services for families. Learn about our Childcare for First Responders efforts here.


Our First 1,000 Days partners are updating a list of resources for families and children.

TurboTax is providing free resources to help individuals and families receive stimulus checks.