Parenting Matters Expands Footprint into Sarasota County for Children and Families

As referrals for parental education and support have risen from local agencies and schools, Parenting Matters has recently stepped up to increase its services to meet the increasing demand. The organization recently hired three new Parenting Educators to serve more families in Sarasota County to address the greatest gap in parenting services, intensive home visits for high risk families.

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A Grassroots Effort Expands to Help Moms Support Moms

A mother’s love is what makes a house a home—but in some cases, it creates a grassroots movement. Since 1990, Mothers Helping Mothers, Inc., an all volunteer not-for-profit organization, has been providing basic necessities such as clothing and baby items free of charge to families in need in the Sarasota and surrounding counties.

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Partnership Rises to Address Disruptive Learning

Walk into a classroom today and you will see that teachers do much more than teach. Often, a teacher is a social worker and first-responder. A seven-year old should never be literally ripping their hair out or throwing chairs in class due to stress at home. However, it’s happening right here in our community, and schools can’t keep up.

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Local Partnership Creates Legal Lifeline for Teenagers in Foster Care

Imagine you’re a teenager who has drifted between living out of cars and a dozen different foster care homes. You just want two things: a stable home and your independence. But after aging out of the system, you discover your own mom has stolen your social security number and ruined your credit. Just as you’re beginning your journey into adulthood, you are now struggling to qualify for housing, unable to take out college loans, and can’t even start a cellphone plan—all through no fault of your own.

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