Social Wellness

Social Wellness

From Sarasota’s families and children to its senior citizens, the Barancik Foundation advocates for those who struggle. We work with partners to offer mental and physical help to those who need it most. By integrating counseling and family support services into the nonprofits they already trust, those who need treatment find it in a familiar, risk-free environment. Providing help, as well as ensuring individuals take advantage of it, is vital to maintaining the mental and behavioral health of our entire community.


Rate of Comprehensive Treatment Court Participants Diverted from State Mental Health Facilities

Reversing Injustice

Creating a groundbreaking legal safety-net for foster youth in the 12th Judicial Circuit.

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Nothing disrupts the balance of a family more abruptly than when a loved one experiences a mental health crisis. Without the right help, many will suffer in silence until it’s too late to recover. In 2018, the Barancik Foundation made it a priority to transform the mental health system of Sarasota County and beyond.

Many young adults with chronic mental health issues are unable to seek higher education or maintain employment. Sitting idly at home, they become disconnected and in disintegrating condition. Early intervention for youth with mental illnesses can reduce the number of psychotic episodes they experience, which has a direct impact on recovery.

Intervention programs are available in Sarasota County, however in many cases acceptance of mental health treatment is limited by cultural beliefs and religious stigma.

That’s why the Barancik Foundation awarded a $182,000 grant to The Academy at Glengary to deliver important workforce training to underserved populations struggling with mental health issues. Funding provides specialists to reach out to targeted individuals and refer them to the Academy’s programs. The support develops greater relationships with law enforcement, churches, and other organizations to identify and refer individuals that would otherwise not reach out for help.

The Academy provides rehabilitation through employment for adults struggling with mental health issues. The Academy, first and foremost, is a working community, where opportunities for skill development, friendship, and employment are the means by which members pursue their dreams and goals. The new organization to Sarasota has steadily gained program participants in its first year, with a capacity to serve 250 individuals.

The single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing the nation is childhood trauma. It’s most prevalent in the foster care system. Children in the system are seven times more likely to suffer from addiction and engage in criminal behavior, and over 80% will suffer from mental illness by age 21. The Barancik Foundation supports All Star Children’s Foundation’s Campus of Caring through a four-year, $1 million investment to create a trauma-informed medical model that focuses on both research and treatment.

A Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Director of Pediatric Psychological Trauma and Intervention will train four trauma-certified licensed therapists to develop, implement, and evaluate trauma-based therapeutic interventions for abused children. The five guiding principles of trauma-informed care: trust, safety, choice, empowerment and collaboration, will be embedded throughout the Campus of Caring. Each child will receive an individualized treatment plan to reverse the negative effects of trauma due to the neuroplasticity of the brain. By extinguishing these trauma symptoms, the program will heal the child and change the trajectory of his or her life.

Grants & Initiatives

A grant for $45,000 was awarded to The Multicultural Health Institute. These funds will build the organization’s capacity to educate and promote health and wellness to under-served and uninsured communities.

Embracing Our Differences: $5,000 to support classroom trips for students to view the organization’s public art exhibit, which teaches anti-bullying, tolerance and acceptance.

American Jewish Committee: $50,000 to provide annual support to AJC, the oldest civil rights organization in the United States. An additional grant for $10,000 was awarded to support the 2017 Civic Achievement Award Dinner.

A grant of $303,843 to Florida State University Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy to provide trauma-informed care training for up to 30 local infant mental health experts. Participants will become certified in Child Parent Psychotherapy, the best therapeutic treatment to strengthen broken relationships between parents and young children.

A $75,000 to Mental Health Community Centers for programmatic support.

A $25,000 grant to Truly Valued to support its mentorship program for young ladies living in high-risk neighborhoods or foster care.

Pines of Sarasota Foundation: A grant for $202,000 was awarded to support the organization’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma.

Child Protection Center: $50,000 to hire an additional prevention educator for its Personal Safety and Community Awareness Program team, which will enable the organization to reach an estimated 27,000 children and adults annually with child-abuse prevention and anti-bullying education.

Pines of Sarasota: $96,000 to offer professional intergenerational programming for residents of the Pines senior living facility and children in the preschool run by the organization in the Newtown community.

A $375,000 grant to CenterPlace Health to ensure the organization continues to serve residents who rely on Medicaid and public health care now and into the future by covering payroll expenses and lost revenue.

A grant of $182,000 to The Academy at Glengary (formerly Vincent Academy) to expand employment opportunities for adults with mental illness.  Barancik Foundation funding will be used to increase outreach efforts.

First Step of Sarasota received a $130,456 grant to better support mothers as they and their newborn infants transition out of a residential drug treatment program. This grant will allow the organization to hire a case manager who will work with mothers for 12 months to help them with parenting education, health care, transportation, employment and most of all, staying drug free.

Manatee Community Foundation: $125,000 to support the Manatee County Foster Care Initiative, a collaboration of nearly 30 public and nonprofit agencies working together to create a system of care for children being displaced by the heroin/opioid addiction epidemic in the region. Funds will specifically pay for an Early Childhood Court Community Coordinator for 12th Judicial Circuit Court and a marketing campaign to fill a gap of more than 100 foster care homes in the county.

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A $30,000 grant to Brotherhood of Men Mentor Group to support mentorship and positive role models for young men in Newtown.

A $34,550 grant to Sarasota-Manatee Association for Riding Therapy (SMART) to support their Therapeutic Carriage Driving program.  Carriage driving/riding opens up the world of horses to those who may be unable to participate in other programming.

A $575,000 grant to Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital, to partially support the Brain Health Initiative’s effort to expand throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation: $50,000 to support the provision of basic human services to Jews and others in need, create Jewish experiences, and strength Jewish community connections.

A grant of $667,440 to CenterPlace Health to cover transition expenses connected with becoming our County’s Federally Qualified Health Center.  The organization provides primary care to more than 25,000 low-income residents.

Text #HERE4U to 741 741 if you are in crisis and need help. Crisis Text Line is a free, 24/7 support line to help people coping with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and any other form of crisis. A $14,300 grant to Sarasota County Schools will pay for stickers and other awareness campaign material to make students aware of this service.

A $50,000 grant to Southeastern Guide Dogs to hire an Outreach Coordinator to promote the organization’s Children and Teens Program.

A three-year, $350,000 grant to support the Suncoast Rapid Rehousing Program with St. Vincent de Paul at Gulf Coast Community Foundation, which quickly connects chronically homeless adults to permanent housing, case management and financial assistance.

Barancik Foundation will invest up to $90,000 to fund a mental health environmental scan in Sarasota County providing much-needed data to inform gaps and needs in the mental health system. This environmental scan is being conducted in partnership with Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

A $50,000 capacity-building grant to National Alliance on Mental Health in Sarasota County to enhance local mental health efforts for children and young adults.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: $400,000 to support the 2017 Cohn Weil Memorial MS Outing.

A grant of $50,000 to Southeastern Guide Dogs to support their Intro to Guide Dogs Camp.  Barancik Foundation Funding will provide the opportunity for 40 visually-impaired teenagers and their families to explore the world of guide dog ownership during day and overnight camps.

Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida: $50,000 to provide preventative and reproductive healthcare to patients with limited or no health insurance. No portion of the funds awarded will pay for termination of pregnancy.

Forty Carrots Family Center: $90,866 over three years to provide mental health counseling and Partners in Play classes to students and families at Tuttle Elementary. These programs will teach participants emotional coping techniques, parenting skills and advance the school’s efforts to nurture the entire family.

A grant of $300,000 to The Florida Center for Early Childhood over two years to hire mental health clinicians for the Starfish Academy to treat emotional, behavioral and relationship trauma in children six and younger.

A grant of $350,000 to establish a project fund at Gulf Coast Community Foundation.  When the community’s mental health environmental scan is complete, this fund will be used for strategic investments in improving the system.

Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation launched a six-year, $220 million campaign to create the Sarasota Memorial Cancer Institute. A two-year, $680,540 grant to the healthcare foundation will support patient navigators who will guide patients through the complex continuum of cancer care and road to recovery.

A grant of $90,000 to Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida to help offset the cost of providing high-quality, affordable health care, birth control, cancer screening, and sexually-transmitted disease testing and treatment for low-income families and to launch a peer education program.

A two-year, $300,000 grant to Child Protection Center to support and expand the organization’s Personal Safety and Community Awareness Program.

A grant of $230,000 to Project 180 Sarasota for expenses related to acquiring and maintaining property for their Residential Program.

JoshProvides received $9,800 to pay for seizure detection and monitoring devices, including therapy dogs, in-home cameras and wrist watches.

A collaborative community-wide strategy to address adult homelessness by offering rapid rehousing and wrap-around support to individuals was launch in Winter 2018 called Rapid Rehousing. Over $1.5-million has been raised to support this strategy, which will be led by St. Vincent de Paul of South Pinellas, an organization with a proven track record of delivering rapid rehousing and stabilization services. Barancik Foundation invested $100,000 in this adult homelessness solution.

A $300,000 grant to Loveland Center to find appropriate space to provide adult training, respite care, and supported services to those on the waiting list.

A grant of $91,862 to Voices for Florida to support the More Too Life Human Trafficking Outreach and Crisis Response Teams in Sarasota County.

The Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: $10,000 to support the organization’s fundraising efforts at its 2017 gala.

A three-year, $503,294 grant to Safe Children Coalition to support the organization’s capacity building and development needs.

Easter Seals of Southwest Florida: $225,000 over three years to support the organization’s Children Therapy Collaboration Project. Easter Seals specializes in providing therapy to children with developmental and/or sensory disabilities. This grant will allow therapists to travel to other nonprofits, such as Children First, to provide therapy to clients with disabilities. Therapists will also provide training for the nonprofit staff.

Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation: $30,000 to support the organization’s mission and efforts to leverage funds at its special events.