Student Success

Student Success

When students succeed, our entire community prospers. Barancik Foundation is committed to supporting the most significant factors that respond to the needs of young people today. We invest in training and cutting-edge classroom technology to ensure teachers feel valued and effective, while creating opportunities for students to engage in the changing world around them. Our partners are creating pathways to fulfill educational potential by ensuring kids are safe, healthy and ready to learn.


Elementary Math Teachers Trained

Creation Stations

Spurring Imagination at Sarasota County Libraries

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Other Featured Programs

The Barancik Foundation partnered with experts at the District to reinvent the way elementary school teachers could teach math in a fun, creative, and engaging way. Read more here.


A $100,000 grant to State College of Florida Foundation to assist those pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education.  Through this pilot program, students who have already demonstrated a commitment to early education will receive additional support as they complete their degree.

A $1 million gift to establish a Barancik Masterpiece Scholarship at Ringling College of Art & Design will guarantee full tuition through graduation for one student every four years.

A grant of $100,000 to the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago to support their after-school science education program and fund museum staff to travel to Sarasota to conduct train-the-trainer sessions with local youth science educators.

Cross Campus Alliance received $30,730 to continue its work to broaden student experiences and establish the region as a destination for academic excellence. Other area foundations and college partners made similar investments, providing the organization with funding through June 2020. This financial sustainability will allow Cross Campus Alliance to identify future program opportunities, leverage resources for additional grants and continue its collaborative work.

Booker High School Foundation: $1,400 to purchase computer technology compatible with the engineering software SolidWorks.

A $94,502 grant to The SKY Family YMCA to expand and improve early education programming. Through a partnership with State College of Florida, student’s pursuing careers in education will participate in paid internships.  Participants will get the benefit of hands-on work in a very active early education center under the supervision of trained professionals.

Education Foundation of Sarasota County: $5,000 to support the organization’s mission and efforts to leverage funds at its CreateSRQ event honoring the Teacher of the Year.

A grant for $251,759 to Sarasota County Schools will provide teacher training and create 5th and 6th grade teacher teams who will work to bridge the literacy gap between the elementary and middle school levels.  The teams will focus on helping the teachers better instruct students to read, write, listen, speak and think critically with the goal of closing the gap for the roughly 30 percent of Sarasota students who struggle with English Language Arts.

A grant of $221,942 to Sarasota County Schools to support training for teacher teams focused on bridging the literacy gap for elementary and middle school students.

Take Stock in Children received $100,000 for a community-based scholarship and mentoring program that helps close the achievement gap for low-income students in hopes of breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty.

A $25,000 grant to Take Stock in Children of Sarasota to provide support for the organization to continue its operations and help their students and families navigate through challenges created by the pandemic.

A $285,000 grant to SKY Family YMCA to continue their leadership in providing early childhood education and programing for essential employees and front-line responders while school campuses remain closed.

A $200,000 grant to WEDU to support the organization’s publicly broadcasted at-home learning programming for children, parents, and teachers.

A grant up to $157,000 to the Sarasota County School District to fully execute and complete the High School Intensive Language Arts (ILA) Classroom project.

A $15,500 grant for general program support to Better Futures Foundation’s efforts in confronting extremism, prejudice, and hate in schools.

Girls Inc. of Sarasota County’s Annual August Match Campaign raises funds for at-risk girls to attend the organization’s educational and character-building programs. Barancik Foundation awarded $50,000 to provide a 1:3 match during the campaign.

A $75,000 grant to UnidosNow to support their Future Leaders Academy.  Using a multigenerational and culturally-competent approach, UnidosNow’s comprehensive college prep program includes one-on-one mentoring including assistance with FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and scholarship applications.  Barancik Foundation funding will help the organization expand their work in south county and to grow their College Transition Fund.

Sarasota County Schools: $480,000 to build professional capacity in math instruction across the school district. The grant provides 800 elementary school teachers with specialized training and resources for lesson-plan development, changing the face of professional development and deepening the teachers’ understanding of math concepts in order to help every child learn, and not fear, math.

See the full story here.

Sarasota County Schools: $511,000 to employ literacy teachers trained through the Reading Recovery program at seven elementary schools, allowing the district to expand the program so that every school has a literacy expert. Reading Recovery teaches the bottom 20 percent of first grade students to read with an 85 percent success rate.

Barancik Foundation has partnered with University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Center for Public Interest Communications to develop a strategy to elevate the teaching profession and increase retention rates.

A $150,000 grant to UnidosNow to continue and expand programming for the Future Leaders Academy.

A $100,000 grant to Seeds of Academic Resource (SOAR) Learning Center in Newtown.  Barancik Foundation funding will help cover operational/programmatic expenses during the organization’s first year in a new 3,000-sqare foot facility.  SOAR prepares K-3 children for academic and life success based on their unique needs and goals.

We know teachers are the most influential component of student achievement, but Florida and Sarasota County continue to experience a critical shortage of qualified teachers. Barancik Foundation partnered with Sarasota County Schools to overcome this shortage by investing $87,500 over five years to launch the Educators Rising Initiative. Educators Rising will recruit high school students to become teachers by offering Career and Technical Education and Dual Enrollment Courses. Students will gain additional career experience in the newly formed Florida Future Educators of America student club.

Suncoast Science Center: $5,000 for the RC Custom Car Open.

State College of Florida: $60,000 over two years to increase SCF’s academic advisor capacity. The advisor will support students in Gator Engineering at SCF and the new STEM Pathways program.

A $75,315 grant to the Sarasota County School District to expand music programming and pilot the Kids Rock modern band program in Sarasota County schools.

American Civil Liberties Union of Florida: $361,635 over three years for the Keep Kids Learning and Working program. Florida ACLU’s goal, which we share, is to reduce the number of children entering the juvenile justice system and keep them in school. The path to achieving this goal includes substituting civil citations for criminal charges, creating diversion programs, reforming penalties, decriminalizing delinquency, and banning the ‘conviction history’ box from job applications.

This program is somewhat parallel to Sarasota County’s Comprehensive Treatment Court (CTC) initiative. That program is restricted to Sarasota County and primarily covers mentally ill adults rather than minors. This ACLU of Florida initiative covers the whole State of Florida, which will benefit the Sarasota County metropolitan area. The end game is the same in that both initiatives try to prevent criminal charges appearing on individuals’ records, which would negatively impact their future attempts at gainful employment.

A grant of $100,728 to Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County to expand the Club at Night Program to run year-round at the Roy McBean and Lee Wetherington Clubs.

Students enrolled in Intensive Language Arts (ILA) classes struggle to meet English Language Arts graduation requirements and have for the most part given up on themselves.  This $97,000 grant to Sarasota County Schools will change the way teachers teach and students learn by changing the mindset of teachers and students, creating a learning environment conducive to success and finding targeted curriculum for each student that interests them in reading.

Education Foundation of Sarasota County received $60,000 to open Student Success Centers at North Port High School and Riverview High School. The centers will work with students to help them plan for life, college and career after graduation.

Gulf Coast Community Foundation: $25,000 in matching funds to support the Local College Access Network. The Local College Access Network improves student access and attainment of college degrees or higher-education certificates. The grant leveraged $37,500 in local matching from Gulf Coast Community Foundation and Community Foundation of Sarasota County, which together earned a $50,000 award from Florida Philanthropic Network.

Sarasota County Schools: Sarasota County has a shortage of qualified teachers, specifically in important subjects such as special education, higher level mathematics and foreign language. The Barancik Foundation Emerging Educators Initiative, in partnership with Sarasota County Schools and State College of Florida, will invest $125,000 in 2018 to recruit degreed adults interested in a second career in teaching. As a cohort, the Barancik Emerging Educators will earn a teaching certificate through SCF’s Educator Preparation Institute and be placed in teaching jobs in Sarasota County Schools.

Sarasota County Schools: $56,400 for two Title One Schools, Tuttle and Alta Vista Elementary, to serve a fresh produce snack every day this school year. This strong and effective program delivers food and nutrition education, while also ensuring children have the fuel they need to learn. Second only to parents, elementary teachers influence children to attempt and/or accept new food items.

A $150,000 grant to Take Stock in Children of Sarasota County for programmatic support to provide 10 low-income, at-risk students with mentorship opportunities and college scholarships.

A grant of $36,214 to the Sarasota County School District to purchase supplies to create Reading Recovery multisensory literacy kits to be used in kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

A $200,000 grant to the Teacher Recruitment | Retention Project Fund at Gulf Coast Community Foundation to elevate the teaching profession in Sarasota County.

A grant of $250,000 to establish a project fund at Gulf Coast Community Foundation.  As the School District, Teacher’s Union and other partners determine priorities to attract and retain educational professionals, this fund will support those efforts.

A two-year, $500,000 grant to New College Foundation for the Barancik Foundation Leadership Scholars program to attract and retain high-achieving, low-income students from Sarasota and Manatee counties.

Florida State University College of Medicine: $498,379 over five years to deliver Students Together Reaching Instructional Diversity and Excellence (SSTRIDE), a science education outreach program targeting minority and low-income students, at McIntosh Middle School and Sarasota High School.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Shirley A. Ritchey Endowment. The endowment provides operating funds for the Education Foundation of Sarasota County. A $30,000 match was awarded to incentive gifts to the fund to reach a $1 million balance.

Museum of Science and Industry: $25,000 for the Science Minors Clubs, which partners with 108 community organizations in Chicago to deliver science education to 12,000+ students in after-school programs.

A $100,000 grant to Florida Policy Institute to support the organization in providing timely, accurate, and accessible policy research around education and mental health.

Ringling College of Art and Design: $25,000 to support the college’s Avant-Garde event, which raises scholarship funds for students.

A grant of $100,000 to the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago to support their after-school science education program and fund museum staff to travel to Sarasota to conduct train-the-trainer sessions with local youth science educators.