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About Us

Our Legacy

Chuck and Margie believed that a child’s skin color or zip code should not have more influence on their success than the dreams they have in their hearts. It was the expression of this belief that led them to establish Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation.

Built on a Foundation of Philanthropy

A Chicago native, Chuck had a genius for buying and developing companies in industries as diverse as bakeries, fire prevention, and office furniture. Margie was an educator and a passionate advocate for the underserved, particularly children and families. Inspired by their family’s long belief in the power of philanthropy to shape our world and enrich the lives of all people, Chuck and Margie started Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, a private, family foundation located in Sarasota, Florida. It was their desire that we carry out our mission to make a meaningful difference and hope to have a ripple effect.

Our Mission

To make a meaningful difference in the areas of education, humanitarian causes, arts and culture, environment, and medical research in Sarasota and beyond.

Chuck and Margie

“They Could Have Danced All Night.”

Most remember Chuck and Margie hand-in-hand and with a smile on their face.  Not ones to enjoy the spotlight, they humbly worked behind the scenes for years to create the better world they imagined. It took convincing from friends and family for the Baranciks to publicize their philanthropy to hopefully inspire others to do the same. Together, they watched the roots and canopies of their philanthropy grow.

Chuck (1928-2019) earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Northwestern University and began his career as a Certified Public Account with Miller Copper & Co. In 1956, he entered private industry, and for over 30 years purchased and operated manufacturing companies. There were three major companies in his family’s portfolio: Justrite Manufacturing Company, Mayline Company, and Hamilton Industries.

Margie (1936-2019) attended Smith College where she earned a B.A. in Elementary Education and went on to earn a M.A. in Deaf Education from Columbia University. Her schooling led to teaching children who were deaf and young adults with multiple handicaps. After becoming a mother of three, she focused on helping her community.

Active, engaging, and razor sharp, Chuck and Margie always said their family and philanthropy are what they cherished most.


Years of Marriage

And shared generosity

“We may each rightly hold our senses of community differently, and we may at times struggle with its discord. But, as in music, the idea of community can and does exist in perfection. Chuck and Margie knew this well, and the music inside of them was played to bring everyone closer to that possibility.”

– Bharat Chandra, Principal, Sarasota Orchestra

About Barancik Foundation

The Charles and Margery Barancik family has long believed in the power of philanthropy to shape our world and enrich the lives of all people. It was the expression of this belief that led them in 2014 to establish Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation—a private, family foundation located in Sarasota, Florida.

1515 Ringling Boulevard, Suite 500, Sarasota FL 34236
The Barancik Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

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