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A dozen innovators from diverse disciplines took the Sarasota Opera House stage last Thursday for PINC, the one-of-a-kind conference that inspires and engages the Sarasota community.  This year’s speakers ranged from a 17-year-old tech innovator who uses her skills for good to a 78-year-old artist and peace activist who has turned the canvas into a catalyst for peach.

After a three-year pandemic pause, PINC returned reinvigorated and firmly focused on community and healing.  We couldn’t begin to do justice to the day’s inspiring messages by trying to summarize each terrific talk we heard.  Instead, we picked 12 pithy points that stuck with us and might inspire you too.

“If you can do it or dream you can do it, begin it now.”
Sir Robert Swan, Arctic adventurer and founder of 2041 Foundation

“Local problems have global roots.  Tackling local problems can lead to global change.”
Angelina Tsuboi, 17-year-old technology innovator

“Play is not a ‘test.’  Play is not an ‘expectation.’  It’s experimentation; it’s joy.  Let’s make play sacred.”
Ash Perrin, “childhood conservationist,” entertainer, and founder of The Flying Seagull Project

Childhood conservationist Ash Perrin, aka Bash the Clown.  Photo by Lindsay Luberecki.

“You don’t need legs to leave a footprint on this earth.”
Zion Clark, elite athlete, advocate, and motivational speaker

“You can heal your heart with art.”
Joanne Tawfilis, executive director of Art Miles Mural Project

“I believe the real world is far more amazing than anything you can make up.”
Christopher Lloyd, educational historian and author

Elite athlete Zion Clark.  Photo by Lindsay Luberecki

“The best individuals in the world find a way to engage with a problem and solve it.  What problem can you solve?”
Michael Bonner, educator, author, and philanthropist

“Space tech is the key to optimizing Earth’s resources without compromising our environment.”
Camille Bergin, The Galactic Gal

“Dignity, dignity—that is the one thing all children deserve.”
Rob Scheer, founder of Comfort Cases and advocate for foster children

The Galactic Gal Camille Bergin.  Photo by Lindsay Luberecki

“Nature can help us—it’s proven.  But not if it’s gone.”
Karine Aigner, award-winning photographer

“Peace is possible.  The catch is, it has to begin within.  First peace inside; then peace in the world.”
Reema Datta, yoga teacher and holistic healer

“Self care does not mean selfish.”
Bob Delaney, PTS advocate and NBA Cares Ambassador

Teacher, author, and singer Reema Datta.  Photo by Lindsay Luberecki

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