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Nothing disrupts the balance of a family more abruptly than when a loved one experiences a mental health crisis. Without the right help, many will suffer in silence until it’s too late to recover. In 2018, the Barancik Foundation made it a priority to transform the mental health system of Sarasota County and beyond.

Many young adults with chronic mental health issues are unable to seek higher education or maintain employment. Sitting idly at home, they become disconnected and in disintegrating condition. Early intervention for youth with mental illnesses can reduce the number of psychotic episodes they experience, which has a direct impact on recovery.

Intervention programs are available in Sarasota County, however in many cases acceptance of mental health treatment is limited by cultural beliefs and religious stigma.

That’s why the Barancik Foundation awarded a $182,000 grant to The Academy at Glengary to deliver important workforce training to underserved populations struggling with mental health issues. Funding provides specialists to reach out to targeted individuals and refer them to the Academy’s programs. The support develops greater relationships with law enforcement, churches, and other organizations to identify and refer individuals that would otherwise not reach out for help.

The Academy provides rehabilitation through employment for adults struggling with mental health issues. The Academy, first and foremost, is a working community, where opportunities for skill development, friendship, and employment are the means by which members pursue their dreams and goals. The new organization to Sarasota has steadily gained program participants in its first year, with a capacity to serve 250 individuals.

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